Østeb Fritz

Konstnären bor här Stockholm / Stockholms län

Fritz is a person whose work is defined by an eclectic sensibility, both crazy and subtle. He knows his ally, sweet madness and a colorful technique.

Fritz Østeb communicate an ethnic and contemporary art, indeed he applies his vision of colors in his works.
By mixing styles, materials, size, taste and evocations, Fritz managed to deliver a result without oversaturation. His vision of aesthetics and passion for color meet us with warmth and joy, a unique expression of the source. When you are passionate about art, the focus is on the creative expression, no extra. Fritz Ø creates pieces that could be from ten different persons. The Possibility of variation lies in the realization of being an unlimited source of inspiration. His purpose is also to be a transcriptor of the present, of our time, of what is happening now, to transfer it for the times to come. He is multiple, multi-colored and antipodal.


Galleri av Østeb Fritz

scotts parks -

scotts parks

Pris: 700
Teknik: Akryl
Storlek: 20x30cm

scotts parks - Pris: 700 -Teknik: Akryl -Storlek: 20x30cm

crazyko -


Pris: 13000
Teknik: Akryl
Storlek: 160x90

crazyko - Pris: 13000 -Teknik: Akryl -Storlek: 160x90

Inlåst -


Pris: 900
Teknik: Akryl
Storlek: 40x60cm

Inlåst - Pris: 900 -Teknik: Akryl -Storlek: 40x60cm

Gulaprest -


Pris: 800
Teknik: Akryl
Storlek: 60x120cm

Gulaprest - Pris: 800 -Teknik: Akryl -Storlek: 60x120cm

Københavndeko -


Pris: 1700
Teknik: Oljemålning
Storlek: 25x40cm

Københavndeko - Pris: 1700 -Teknik: Oljemålning -Storlek: 25x40cm

Aelle -


Pris: 2500
Teknik: Akryl
Storlek: 40x50cm

Aelle - Pris: 2500 -Teknik: Akryl -Storlek: 40x50cm

Dada -


Pris: 850
Teknik: Teckning
Storlek: 40x50cm

Dada - Pris: 850 -Teknik: Teckning -Storlek: 40x50cm